Musselburgh School Staff: Term 4, 2010

Debbie Smith - Principal

I feel very privileged to be the leader of Musselburgh School.
Musselburgh School is an exciting, and progressive school with very experienced and innovative teachers.

I have been teaching for a number of years and have recently moved into Principalship.
I am passionate about our students and believe that for children to reach their full potential they need to have a supportive and nurturing environment.
Tania McLean - Deputy Principal, Year 0-1 Teacher
Emma Barker - Assistant Principal, Year 5-6 Teacher

I have been teaching at Musselburgh School for 5 years. I am the teacher in charge of ICT which includes keeping the vast range of technological tools we use in the classroom to enhance learning running smoothly. Our children are moving in an exciting new world that we can only predict what technology they might need. I administer this website and if you have any queries please email me

I am looking forward to taking our year 5/6 kids on another great camp at Iona this term and again sending our year 6's on their next journey in education called Intermediate.
When not at school I am involved with Equestrian events and Pony Club.
Karen Ratten - Office Administrator
Lynn Robertson - Caretaker
Kerry Dick - Year 3/4 Teacher
Vicki Curzon - Year 3/4 Teacher

I have been teaching at Musselburgh for the 11years. I have taught all levels of the school and am currently teaching a Year 3 and 4 class. I amlead teacher of Numeracy and Visual Arts. I enjoy traveling and seeing the world. I have taught in the USA for a year and enjoy sharing my experiences with the children.

Kathryn Wealleans - Year 0-1 Teacher

I am an experienced Junior School teacher with Reading Recovery training.
I have been teaching new entrants at Musselburgh School since 2005. I am currently teaching in the junior class. I am the teacher in charge of T-Ball, the Library, Reading Recovery, book club and the annual Marafun. I enjoy gardening, crafts, traveling and caring for my cats, Milly and Mandy – my Mum has Molly.

Joy Chilcott - Music Teacher/Part time Y0-1 Teacher

This is my fifth year at marvellous Musselburgh! During one week I take each class for an Arts and Maori programme which includes making music with marimbas and ukuleles. We also have a Choir and Marimba Band operating as well as participating in the Ukulele Jam at St Clair. Each day I teach in Room 3 with our younger children, in the afternoon, while Kathryn takes reading recovery.
Katherine Ratcliffe - Year 5-6 Teacher

Kia ora
My name is Katherine Ratcliffe and I am an experienced teacher teaching a Year 5/6 class within Musselburgh School. I have enjoyed my first year at Musselburgh School and I am looking forward to camp in term 4 with the year 5/6. My interests are guitar, singing, snowboarding and getting out into the outdoors. My strengths are Physical Activity/Health, Music, Literacy and Science.
Lisa Switalla - Year 2 Teacher

Kia ora, ko Lisa Switalla (Swi tal la) taku ingoa. Hi my name is Lisa Switalla. You can contact me at the following email. I enjoy teaching, reading, waterfalls and bushwalks. My family and friends are the most important things to me. I enjoy having parent help in the classroom and believe parents have an important role in teaching their own children. You are welcome to help in the classroom in what ever way you can. I have currently taken up running and are working towards my next running goal. I often look busy as I am trying to maximise my school time. Please always ask as I will always make time to talk to you.
Naku noa atu
Lisa Switalla
Lauren Latimer - Currently on Maternity Leave

I have been teaching at Musselburgh School for 5 years and am currently teaching Year 3 and 4 in Room 1. I have an interest in Positive Education and Words Alive. In Term 4 i will be on maternity leave awaiting the arrival of my first baby. I enjoy travelling, walking my dogs on the beach and all things musical.
Raewyn Elliott - Teacher Aide
Nancy Turner - Teacher Aide
Lisa Lehane - Teacher Aide
Amanda Hosking - Teacher Aide