Sites on Space

Celestia - This a space stimulation that lets you explore our universe in 3D
NASA @ home and city - Have you ever wondered how space exploration impacts your daily life? That's the Q this interactive website has been set up to answer.
Design a Satellite - You design and launch a communication Satellite with the people of a interactive town called Littleton.
Astroviewer - Your night sky map in the internet. Pinpoint constellations and planets with the help of this interactive night sky map.
The Interactive Universe - Created by the History Channel, take a journey through the vastness of time and space.
Planet Impact - This is a series of online activities where students can learn about comets and the effect they have on planets.
Planets - See how planets move in our solar system. Zoom in or out, change speed, follow different planets, and even go backwards in time.
Solar System 'Song' and 'Puzzle' - need a way to remember the name of the planets? This is an entertaining music cartoon that combines a puzzle.
BBC's Solar System Puzzle - A leveled game
ISS Interactive Reference Guide - This multimedia presentation from NASA gives a fascinating insight into the International Space Station.
Spaced Penguin - Can you beat gravity and catapult Kevin the penguin back to his spaceship?
Links to Space sites can be found here - found the first link to jigsaw excellent and challenging.
TKI - Science Is, click on Activities
TKI - WickED, click on Interactions
Galaxy Zoo - Classify Galaxies